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03 January 2011 @ 07:31 pm
 My mother really pisses me off. Honestly, she is a waste of my time. She doesn't even pay attention to her own kids anymore. 
Started off with her still being in love with her damn fuck buddy. Ok, great. Have sex. But don't TELL me about it, dammit. I hate that shit. Then, because of them fucking all the time, my brother, Ryan, came to be. Obvi, I love Ryan. None of this is his fault. But, my mom doesn't even come home anymore. She is out later THAN ME on week days. She doesn't cook dinner, and still expects me to clean things up and babysit. My brother Josh, a product of another fuck (but I love him), visits on weekends. And recently, my mom is never home when he's here so he asks to go back to his dad's house. What the hell? My mom is failing so bad at being a mother. ALSO, she comes home high as fuck too. Ryan smells like weed and I am so fucking sick of her. 

I swear I will never be like her. 

02 January 2011 @ 02:09 pm
Vacation is almost over and I don't know what to think. I am glad school is starting up again, because I'll have something to do. But, then again, I really like sleeping in and not doing work. Christmas was ok, and I have new goals for the new year. This year has a lot of things coming up, and I don't know if I'm ready. No one will really read this, so I assume its like a diary entry. 
I am afraid to leave my friends behind in college, and I don't want them to forget me. That's a fear of mine. 
Alright, that's it for now. 

PS: prolly gonna write more slash now. It's been a long time. 
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01 January 2011 @ 09:18 pm
 Making  a new one because I want to. 
I am Alex. Nice to meet you. 
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